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Greenwillow Farms 2024 CSA sign-up is closed.

Thank you for supporting our small farm!



Changing the way you see food, and the people who grow it

Community Supported Agriculture models have been around for some time, though only more recently has it been popularized by the local food movement. CSA is a way for consumers to connect with local food growers and know exactly where their food is coming from, all while eating the highest quality products, densely packed with nutritional value. The mutually beneficial structure of the CSA model involves an initial investment from the consumer early in the growing season which provides the farm with funds for operational costs, while the "investors" will receive weekly "shares" of produce throughout the growing year. The model allows consumers to eat local, be exposed to new foods, make somewhat of an investment in their health, and support a local business in their community. Beautiful.

At Greenwillow Farms, we operate with a small group of family and friends, along with occasional volunteer hands from curious friends looking to gain experience in growing. This means that when you pick up your share each week, you'll essentially meet and connect with the hands that are involved in cultivating the food you eat from the farm. This creates a very personal connection between the consumer and the farmer, which adds immense value to what we do, and we hope it adds value to your relationship with food as well.

How Ours Works

The Season(s)

Our 2024 CSA will span roughly 4 months with an estimated start date falling in the first week of May and ending the last week of August. This accounts for approximately 18 consecutive weeks of CSA shares. The CSA Members are responsible for picking up their shares for the duration of the season at a designated time and place each week. 

Since our CSA "season" spans 4 months, it will touch on 3 different seasons of the year. This makes for a wide range of produce that differs throughout spring, summer, and fall. The model is a great opportunity for people to learn what kinds of vegetables are being grown ~and when they are being grown~ from a local standpoint. But, most importantly, members get a firsthand experience (for 4 straight months!) of eating and cooking with the freshest produce that is being grown in their region at that given time. 

What's in a Share

Each week members can expect an estimated 5-10 different types of vegetables that will vary depending on the time of year, as mentioned above. For example, a few vegetables harvested in the first month of the CSA season are lettuce, kale, onions, and root vegetables. Moving on to the summer months, we will get into varieties such as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and squash. And finally, when fall comes, the selections will shift again to foods like greens, root vegetables, cabbage, etc.


You can expect many common vegetables that you would find in the grocery store, but it's also likely you'll see some varieties you aren't familiar with or haven't used before. We certainly won't overwhelm you with foreign veggies, usually no more than one a week, and we will be available to answer questions and provide cooking/ preparation tips as much as possible. Not everyone knows how to cook kohlrabi, or even what kohlrabi is, and that's okay! The CSA structure allows consumers to try new vegetables and occasionally have to get creative with the variety of produce they receive.

2024 Share Size

This year we are offering one standard share size of an estimated 5-10 vegetable varieties per week, valued at $30 per week (including tax). We find the shares to be suitable for 1-2 adults to get the majority of their vegetable needs each week.

Weekly Pickup

When you sign up for the 2024 CSA, you will be prompted to choose a pickup location where you will meet each week to collect your weekly produce share. We are offering two different pickup locations; one will be at our farm in Greenwood, and the other will be held at Filling Station Coffee on Gillham Rd in Union Hill, KC. This makes it convenient for residents in the Greenwood/ Lees Summit area and also for those living in the Midtown area, Kansas City.

As mentioned above, members are responsible for picking up their shares each week during a designated time frame at their selected pickup location. If a member will be out of town on a given week, he or she may notify the farm and send someone in their place to collect the weekly share.

Inherent Risk

Along with farming comes a fair amount of risk, and you as the consumer assume a small portion of that inherent risk when buying into a CSA. Every year we take more steps to help minimize potential risk as much as possible (adding grow space under cover in tunnels, improving irrigation systems, etc.), though mother nature is unpredictable and unforgiving, and can bring damaging storms, draughts, unexpected freezes, and such. Our promise is to do everything in our power to bring you the freshest produce possible, each and every week. Joining our CSA means we're in this together, sharing risk and bountiful seasons alike.

Pricing & Payment

$550 ~ This breaks down to $30 per share (including tax) for the 18-week CSA season.

If you want to pay for the whole season upfront, you are most welcome to. Otherwise, we require the first payment of $275 at least two weeks before the first pickup, which essentially will lock in your spot for the season. The second payment of $275 will be due around the end of June (roughly the halfway point of the CSA). If $275 is too much for you to comfortably spend at one time, email us and we would be happy to discuss another option with you.

We accept payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card payment via Square through our website.


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