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Member Agreement Form

Greenwillow Farms 2024 CSA Terms and Conditions

This "Community Supported Agriculture" (CSA) Agreement governs the relationship between "Greenwillow Farms" (the Farmer) and the "CSA Member" (the Member). Please read the agreement carefully and keep it for future reference.

I. Terms of the Agreement
Upon payment, the Member will have their spot reserved for Greenwillow Farms' 2024 CSA and will be committed for the entirety of the CSA. In exchange for payment, the Member will receive weekly shares of produce for the duration of the CSA.

II. Our CSA Philosophy

The Member provides capital to fund the Farm's operational costs and in return receives their share of produce each week, thus creating an extremely beneficial relationship between the Farmer and the Member. One does not prosper without the other.

III. Farmer Responsibilities
The Farmer works diligently throughout the year (beginning months before Members pick up their first shares) to bring prosperous bounties to the Member in the form of the freshest possible produce. The Farmer will do everything in his power to ensure that the Member is receiving substantial shares every week.

IV. Member Responsibilities
The Member is responsible for picking up their share each week at a predetermined time and location for the duration of the CSA season. 

V. Abandoned Shares
If the Member fails to pick up their share without contacting the Farmer to arrange an alternative pick up, the share will be forfeited by the Member at noon the day after pick up.

VI. Refunds and Cancellations
The Member may cancel their CSA membership for a full refund up until one week before the start of the CSA season, which will be considered the first day of produce pick up. If the Member must cancel their membership at some point during the CSA, any refund or reimbursement to the Member is solely at the Farmer's 

VII. Risk
As stated above in Paragraph II, one aspect of a CSA is that Members support their Farmers. To do so, the Members share in the inherent risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, disease, early frost, crop failure, and so on) and rewards (the bounty from a good season). The Farmer purposefully plans for such contingencies and uses growing
techniques that protect the harvest, minimize risk to members, and optimize the rewards: growing a wide variety of crops, cover copping, crop rotation, and irrigation.

In the extremely unlikely event that severe weather, disease/insect damage, or other natural disaster results in a level of crop destruction that prevents the farm from continuing its weekly distributions, the Farmer will notify the Member immediately via e-mail and will communicate via e-mail frequently with the Member to ensure that the Member is apprised of any potential disruption to their service. The Member assumes the risk should Farmer be unable to provide a portion of the Memberʼs shares due to any inherent risk of farming.

Please reach us by email at

2024 CSA Signup
Midtown locatin pickup is full for2024. Sorry!
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